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Leftovers: Rice

Got some extra rice? Don't toss it! The fun is just starting.

Yaki Onigiri

Before you store your leftover rice:

1) Season and *carefully* mix your rice with Sharisu (sushi rice seasoning).

Use 1 Tablespoon Sharisu per 1 cup of cooked rice.

We have provided a recipe below if you cannot find the pre-made stuff

< (pictured here)

2) Store in an air-tight container overnight

Making Onigiri:

*You may stuff these with leftover veggies or meat, but they work without filling as well!

1) Form seasoned rice into a 3-4" ball or triangle that can be easily molded in your hand.

2) Brush outside of Onigiri with cooking oil (NOT OLIVE OR COCONUT OIL)

3) Grill/Sear Onigiri over medium-low heat until golden brown

*Rice will burn if the heat is too high!

We recommend cooking up some veggies/protein along with your onigiri on the grill/griddle!

4) Sprinkle with sesame seeds, furikake, or any seasoning you desire and ENJOY!

Simple Sharisu Recipe

1/4 c sake or white wine vinegar

1/4 c rice vinegar (not mirin)

1/4 c granulated sugar

2 T salt

combine ingredients over low heat until salt and sugar dissolve.

store in pantry until needed.

we recommend making a large batch so you have some for later.

use 1 T Sharisu per 1 c of cooked rice.


Japanese rice bowl consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients served over rice!

We loooooooooove Donburi! We sold Katsudon (Fried Pork Cutlet in Golden Curry) at Sushi MO! but there are SO MANY MORE to discover!

NO PRE-STEPS REQUIRED! Just use leftover cooked rice with veggies, meats, and sauces to make your very own Donburi!

We have included a link with some amazing combinations in case you need a little inspiration!

Fried Rice

If you use freshly cooked rice to make fried rice, you're doing it wrong!

Let your rice sit overnight in the fridge to let some of the moisture out. This will make your rice have a fried, and not mushy texture!

Heat a LARGE wok or skillet on your stove with 2 T of cooking oil per 1 cup of cooked rice, and get to work! You may need a little extra oil if you are adding meat and/or eggs to your fried rice!

We would never tell you what to put in your fried rice, but here is a helpful guide on the order to add ingredients:

1) Cook meat (set aside if also using eggs)

2) Cook scrambled egg (set aside until veggies are done cooking)

3) Cook hardy veggies first (carrots, celery, etc.) with Soy sauce and other flavorings (we recommend oyster sauce and/or fish sauce)

4) Cook aromatic veggies (onion, garlic, scallion, herbs, spices, etc)

(add meat and eggs back in after this step)

5) Add rice and stir everything together over heat

6) Season to desired taste!

Rice Pudding

This DELICIOUS dessert goes by many names (rice pudding, sweet congee, kheer, arroz con leche) and each culture has it's own way of doing it.

All you need is rice, milk, and sugar!

Milk alternatives can work, but you may need more sugar to offset the lack of lactose!

SLOWLY heat milk in a pot. Once warm, add in desired sugar and cooked rice. Cook over medium-low heat until it reaches your desired thickness!

Classic additions include: Pistachios, Cinnamon, Rose Water, Rum-soaked Raisins

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