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Chef Q+A: SPAM

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We sat down with our owner, Sarah, to ask her some questions about SPAM!


No! I would consider myself a born-again SPAM-lover. I had actually never eaten SPAM until about 2017. One of my former Chefs asked me to use it in family meal (staff meal). I was new to the crew, on top of the fact that I had never used the stuff! I admitted that I was not familiar with SPAM, and I am so glad I did! I got a full lesson in deliciousness that day and I have never looked back!


This is a two-part answer!

1) I feel like there is a generational divide with SPAM. Older generations remember having it for dinner (maybe a bit too often). I remember my dad telling me how my Grandma would use SPAM as a topping when they would make Chef Boyardee pizza. Hearing my father tell stories like this with *less than excitement* in his voice, I developed this stigma around SPAM that was completely dependent on other's opinions. I think that is a rather common occurrence, and one that I would love to change. I think it is our responsibility as Cooks to share with people amazing meals, and some well kept secrets like SPAM!

2) I think the modernization of grocery store delis has seen a lot of people going to the meat counter over reaching for canned pork. It's a luxury that comes with advancements in refrigeration, but sometimes the classics are still there for a reason! I think there are also classist-perceptions of SPAM that are completely unnecessary. As I think we have all seen, taste does not always match the dollar-amount of one's wealth. Just because an ingredient is inexpensive does not mean the flavor or the meal will suffer! I am strictly in the camp of "it-must-taste-good-before-it-can-look-good" when it comes to food; and I think SPAM is the perfect example of how something inexpensive can become the star of a dish. I implore people to be adventurous and try new things! You never know what you may actually fall in love with!


I will answer this question with another question: WHY NOT?!

In all seriousness, you should have SPAM because it will be there for you whenever you need it! The shelf-life alone should be enough of an argument, but if not I will go on.

It is an AMAZING source of both flavor and protein. They have something like 18 varieties of SPAM nowadays - get creative! I am in love with the Bacon SPAM because I eat anything smoked and it instantly makes everything taste more complex! Teriyaki SPAM is another favorite of mine. It makes the most amazing SPAM Musubi or stir-fry!

As a rule of thumb: If a recipe has ham in it, you can probably substitute SPAM! I take it a bit further: If you have a carbohydrate, you could probably add fried SPAM to it. What does that mean? Noodles - add SPAM. Rice - add SPAM. Veggies - add SPAM. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!


I have a few, none of which are remotely related to Sushi MO! (lol)

My #1 go-to would probably have to be:

Alton Brown's Stovetop Mac & Cheese with SPAM bits added!


-Small dice 1 can of SPAM (I personally love the Bacon SPAM with this recipe),

-Fry it in a pan with 1/4" of vegetable oil until golden brown,

-Strain the SPAM onto a towel to absorb the excess grease,

-Make Mac & Cheese as directed,

-Fold in SPAM when ready to eat!

Another one of my favorite ways to eat SPAM is with Breakfast!

Fried SPAM with Eggs


-Cut SPAM into 1/4"-thick slices

-Sear in nonstick pan on both sides until golden brown

(I like to use a weight to ensure maximum searing)

-Remove SPAM from pan & rest on towel (let the juices drain)

-Cook eggs however you desire in same pan (using the grease from the SPAM as your fat)

-Plate your meal & DIG IN!

Thanks for tuning in for all of the fun we had this week with SPAM!

We will continue the Pantry Raid fun next week with our next topic: RICE!

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