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Washing + Cooking: Rice

There is much misinformation about rice out there, and we are here to clear the air!

Should I wash my rice before cooking it?

If you are cooking white (polished) rice, then yes! Why, you may ask? White rice does not have the same protective outer layer that brown (whole grain) and wild rices do. Therefore, when you cook white rice without washing it, the starches that build up attract bacteria that will make your rice spoil quicker!

*This does not apply for minute rice*

This is a video from the company that makes our rice cookers at Sushi MO!

They know a thing or two about rice!


Wow, we are learning a lot today! After washing your rice, there is one more step you should take before cooking. SOAK YOUR RICE!

After rinsing, soak your rice in clean, cold water for 20-30 minutes. This will allow the rice grains to absorb moisture without heat agitation, which will give you a much fluffier finished product. You can thank us later!

You can cook rice without a pressure cooking appliance!

We promise this works:

- Put rice + water in a pot with at least 6" of space from the water line to the top of the pot.

- Place a layer of plastic wrap, followed by 2 layers of foil over the pot (leave it loose).

- Place a large bowl on that can COMPLETELY cover the top of the pot, and an additional

5-10 lbs of weight inside the bowl (a cast iron pan or two is ideal for the weight).

- Turn the heat ALL THE WAY UP! Set a timer for 10 minutes.

- When the timer is done, remove from heat (still covered) and set a timer for 20 minutes.

- Remove the weighted lid, stir and serve!


How much water should I cook with? If you are unsure, check the package your rice came in. Most rice producers will have suggested water ratios. If that is unavailable:

For short and medium grain rice, you can use the visual below to help determine water level if you are unable to measure your rice & water amounts!

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful!

Stay tuned this week for recipes and more fun with rice!

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