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Week 3: Soy Sauce

Let's start off with some FUN FACTS!


The first written record of soy sauce comes from China in the year 40 AD. It was not *exactly* the same stuff we use today, but it was the first documentation of a fermented soy bean condiment. It's predecessor was a fermented paste that often included soy beans, fish, and grains.

Chinese Soy Sauce, or "Jiang You", migrated over to Japan along with Buddhism in approximately 550 AD. Called "Shoyu", Japan quickly adopted this savory condiment and built it's own rival industry over time.

The first record of Soy Sauce traveling to Europe comes from a Dutch East India trading ship in 1737. We have no doubt others may have brought samples prior to this exchange, but this was the point at which soy sauce became a global sensation!

In English, "Soy Beans" are actually named after "Soy Sauce" - as Europeans were first introduced to the condiment before the beans themselves. The name Soy Sauce is derived from the Japanese word for soy sauce - "Shoyu."

Now soy sauce is globally available with many options to chose from!

In our next post we will "Shoyu" (show-you) how soy sauce is made, and how that process has changed over time! Get ready to learn!

Thank you for support!

We know it is hard to stay inside, and we hope you continue to feel inspired to keep active, reading, learning, and cooking with us!

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